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From the soul of our umbrella company, Smith Organics, we crafted what we consider to be the future of casual dining, Lake Park Diner. A casual eatery that focuses on quality and sustainable products, putting both your health and our environment first. We believe that when you go grab a quick bite to eat, you shouldn't have to feel guilty about it afterward, so we present to you "The Diner with a Conscience". We're here to make a statement and carve a foundation that future restaurants and diners can follow. 

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Introducing Daniel Hartman, our talented Chef at Lake Park Diner, Naples, Florida. With a passion for culinary arts, Daniel brings 24 years of hands-on experience to the kitchen.


Starting as a dishwasher at a local sports bar, Daniel quickly climbed the ranks from head prep cook to working the line. Eschewing formal culinary education, Daniel believes that practical experience has provided invaluable skills.


Prior to joining Lake Park Diner, Daniel spent four years at Burntwood Tavern, where he played a key role in opening both locations in Orlando and Ormond Beach. Before that, Daniel dedicated a decade to Seasons 52, starting as a line cook and eventually becoming a corporate trainer involved in menu development and recipe testing in the Darden test kitchens.


When it comes to our menu, Daniel finds it hard to pick favorites. He believes that most of our dishes are exceptional, and he is thrilled about the exciting new creations we're working on. As for a specialty dish, Daniel enjoys cooking based on guests' preferences, delighting in simple, home-cooked classical dishes that allow the natural flavors of quality ingredients to shine.


Beyond the kitchen, Daniel is an avid lover of the outdoors, cherishing moments spent with his 100-pound lap dog, Ace. He also has a passion for gunsmithing and enjoys spending time at the gun range. However, Daniel's greatest joy lies in spending quality time with his family, especially his three nephews residing in the Orlando area.


Join us at Lake Park Diner and experience Chef Daniel Hartman's culinary expertise and dedication firsthand.

PJK Chinese


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A Naples native, Bryce Lovelace has been an integral part of the Lake Park Diner Naples team since day-one.


His journey began alongside our founders, Kelly and Adam Smith, at their Smith Organics food truck.


Off the clock, Bryce's passion STILL lies in the world of food and beverage. He relishes the opportunity to explore diverse culinary cultures and apply his discoveries to his craft. 


Bryce's unwavering dedication and courteous demeanor have consistently contributed to the welcoming atmosphere and expertise at Lake Park Diner Naples, as well as the broader restaurant industry. Through his years of service, Bryce has exemplified the skills and professionalism we aspire to see in every team member at Lake Park Diner.


We are delighted to announce the well-deserved promotion of our long-time friend and colleague, Bryce Lovelace, to the position of General Manager at the original Lake Park Diner Naples. 


Bryce's journey with us has been marked by growth, and his commitment has played a significant role in our success.  


Congratulations, Bryce! We are immensely proud of your accomplishments and couldn't be happier to have you leading our team. 



PJK Neighborhood Chinese Restaurant is the newest eatery of legendary restaurateur, Paul Fleming, and his wife, Jody Goodenough-Fleming. Paul and Jody made Naples their home in 2016. They were inspired to create a great restaurant in their neighborhood serving vibrant Chinese flavors crafted with clean, locally sourced ingredients and the bounty of fresh seafood available in their coastal community. Blending traditional craftsmanship and a commitment to scratch-made sauces, the PJK menu features delicate hand-folded soup dumplings, perfectly prepared local seafood, and the sweet craveable heat of traditional Chinese dishes like orange beef with spicy Sichuan sauce.

The Flemings believe that a great meal is not only what you eat, but how you enjoy it. Family-style sharable entrees, roasted Peking duck for two, dim sum, an extensive eclectic wine offering, and unique craft cocktails all deliver a dining experience, not simply a meal. Additionally, the open spaces, energy, and coastal breezes moving through the comfortable bar and patio create an atmosphere rich with the warm hospitality and relaxed nature of contemporary upscale dining.

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